·       “ a choreographer with a distinctive and direct voice”

       Olivia Stewart The Bulletin

·       “Rapture is choreographed with skilled sensitivity. ”

       Jill Sykes Sydney Morning Herald

·       “Rosetta Cook’s Rapture stole the show”

        Erin Brannigan The Hub.

·        Rapture confirms Cook’s talents and status as a mature and subtly complex artist.”

        Jaqueline Pascoe The Review

·       “Cook’s movement has a naturalness and freedom which communicates directly on an instinctive level, without the shackles of categorisation as classical or contemporary”

       Olivia Stewart The Courier Mail

·       “ a yearning , almost languid fluidity, pervades Rosetta Cook’s Interior. Emotion swells up but is always contained and there’s a sense of mystery about the piece that teases the mind even while it satisfies the senses …finished rounded dance work”

       Alan Brissendon The Australian


·       “With Rosetta Cook in the title role the pivotal performance was ensured technical finesse, mature artistry and sinuous theatricality. She is one of Australia’s outstanding dancers, with the ability to make the most of every role she takes on.”

        Jill Sykes The Sydney Morning Herald

·       “Cook is an artist of rare versatility and intelligence”

        Patricia Laughlin Dance Magazine (America)

·       “Her Scherezade is lithe, passionate and elegant by turn, and the ballet becomes mostly a study in her mental sate rather than a sequence of dance fairy-tales.”

        William Shoubridge The Australian

·       “From the outset Cook’s Medea is so dramatically powerful that her evident technique is eclipsed by the role’s emotional impact. When it arrive Cook’s storm of revenge is breathtaking, yet still one of understatement. Even walking she is arresting. Her unhurried gestures are as powerful as her dance: a sign of someone living her part.”

        Robin Rattray –Wood The Bulletin

·       “Rosetta Cook as Giselle brought tears to the eyes of the audience on opening night. Hers is a rare theatrical ability, combining as it does the talents of a highly distinguished dancer and a highly capable actress.”

        Bruce Dickson National Times

·       “Her technique is irreproachable, and she dances through her whole body. One can see the thought underlying each gesture.”

        Karen van Ulzen Dance Australia

·       “ a gold star for Rosetta, for Rapture as it now stands is a fine work, intelligently planned, appropriately polished , witty and sad in the right measures, gently sardonic and, occasionally, extremely funny. The balance is right, the movement interesting. No more need be done. With the presentation of this fine work, interest will redouble in Cook’s next move.”

       Sonia Humphrey The Australian