Heaven, Hell & Tango

First stage development funded by Arts Queensland 2013


Ninety minutes of material was created in collaboration between director/choreographer, writer, designer and a cast of fourteen established Brisbane performers, and two musicians. Two showings were presented at The Brisbane Powerhouse with the support of their Powerlab residency. Positive and constructive feedback was received from recognised industry personnel and subsequently many ideas have generated from this since.

Heaven, Hell & Tango uncovers the underlying emotions that tango holds but ultimately reveals more about the relationships and tensions between the cast members and how they come to terms with parts of themselves they never knew existed.

Under the guidance of their enigmatic director and tango lover, The Burimbadale Players, an odd mix of amateur could have beens, retired experts and young hopefuls are putting together a show, ‘The Heart of Tango’,  a theatrical interpretation of the experience of dancing social tango. We follow the final stages of their rehearsal in the local church hall as they prepare for opening night. It’s the middle of summer, bushfires are imminent and the intensity of tango takes its hold on everyone.

photographer: Sean Young                                                               Images